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In the era of digitalization mobile or smart phones can play a key role as Of the 243 million internet users, over 200 million are mobile internet users in India. It’s clear that the future will belong to businesses which have learned to leverage this channel to its fullest potential with the use of Mobile Phone Marketing.

1. Omnipresence:

Most mobile phone users are within an arm’s reach of their devices over 80 percent of waking hours, including times when other media are not available. With mobile phone penetration near 90 percent of conversations are possible all the time with everyone. The most impact full mobile marketing strategy will follow the principle of So-Lo-Mo (Social Location and Mobile). It will personalize the message and deliver it to you just at the right time and the right place and perhaps leave you with a brand experience that you will never forget.
Mobile is the new wallet to you, mobile is the new bank to you, mobile is the new vault to you, mobile is the new camera to you. The use of a mobile phone is not limited to just call or SMS services, it is a life support system. By using the correct strategies we can enhance our business with mobile phone marketing.

For example, when at the point when Joe is sitting in a downtown b-ball field, there are numerous eateries and retail locations adjacent that need to draw in with Joe.

However, the setting of going to a ball game may imply that Joe won’t need advertising intrusions while the amusement is being played. Joining both closeness and natural setting will be hard for some, advertisers to address, however purchasers will develop to expect them together.

2. Real Time Reach to targets:

The dependably on and constantly mindful nature of cell phones gives more convenient interchanges than some other channel. Also, the utilization of portable SMS/MMS and versatile miniaturized scale blogging apparatuses empower casualness, message curtness and suddenness to help discussions that only here and there existed in earlier Web advertising. The normal reaction time for SMS messages is significantly not as much as that of email or postal mail.

This enhanced time pertinence is probably going to improve the nature of promoting discussions, however the advertising advantages might be decreased if shoppers verify that message channels ought to be utilized to isolate their own and corporate discussions.

3. Diverse audience:

Since significantly a bigger number of individuals possess cell phones than work areas or workstations, cell phone showcasing enables the advertiser to come to a far more extensive and different group of onlookers, particularly in the more remote locales of the world.

Versatile advertising likewise gives the business person the upside of geo-area and sending area particular messages to clients, utilizing GPS and Bluetooth innovation.

Advantages of mobile marketing

• Moment comes about
• Simple to work with
• Helpful to utilize
• Coordinate promoting
• Following client reaction
• Tremendous viral potential

Businesses worldwide are considering mobile phone advertising as a part of their marketing program to enhance business outcomes. It is the current trend in the marketing world and seems to stay for quite some time now.

Author: Kanika Kundhal

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