Difference between SEO and SMO

Difference between SEO and SMO

Difference between SEO and SMO

If you need instant traffic then SMO is best for you and if you want long-lasting traffic then SEO is best. As per my experience you should get traffic from both activities. SEO is for increase traffic and stability. And SMO is for instant visibility and direct interact to user. As per my experience both factor has same. Also SEO undoubtedly, if SMO build relationship with customer try to engage and go for paid.

seo and smoIn The Digital Marketing, SEO is a best way to get popularity in search engine as well as get high rank on search engine while SMO is helpful for getting popularity in all social media platforms . As of now social media is a one of the best way to get engage with your audience and convert them in to your client very easily.

If we are going for short run we opt for SMO and for the long run we take both along with first priority to SEO.

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