Some Search Engine Optimisation tricks, Should You Know !!

SEO tactics/tricks to perform best….

Read it carefully:
1. Use proper anchor text for inter-links. Avoid the use of “here”, “there” etc. for the anchor text.
2. Advance the pictures, dependably make alt labels and compose depiction in the alt tag.
3. Use search engine friendly permalinks. Try not to have too many ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’ etc. characters in the URL.     Sometimes it is unavoidable but try to keep it to a minimum.
4. Use hyphens (-) between words to improve readability.
5. Do not use underscores (_) in URLs, use hyphens (-) instead.
6. Do not use session id in URLs. If you are using good hosting then you shouldn’t have to worry about this one.
8. Avoid using capital letters in URLs. Windows servers are case sensitive. Keep them lowercase so there’s no      confusion.
9. When possible, use internal linking.
10. Use sticky posts (if you can and if it applies to you).
11. Have a category description paragraph.
12. Let the visitors subscribe to category specific RSS feed. (Use category specific RSS plugin for WordPress)
13. Use rel=”nofollow” tag on low value links. For example “About”, “Contact” etc.
14. Write the content appropriate as per the target audience.
15. Always be updated with your content. Obsolete data have no place in visitors list. Also, helps to attract the search engines spiders to crawl the web pages frequently.

Author – Sakshi Khandelwal

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