How can ‘Digitally Dynamic’ transform the way you to do brilliantly in business?

Select for ‘Digital Dynamic’. As an integrated Marketing & Advertising Customized Solution provider has a bunch of talented Digital serviced experienced Team loaded with specialization in each profession and ready to think wise and effectiveness for its own Clients. is a full-service digital Agency specializes in a diverse range of clientele which includes manufacturing, industrial, healthcare & hospitals, jewellery houses, education, photography studios to consumer goods. This means everything you require to up-lift your business in heights just depend and trust Digital dynamics is packed in one just seamless package. Discover the great in ‘Digital Dynamics’ ….


The Planning Services define its purpose and ensure the final outcome which will meet the needs of the intended audience. As our business objective, goals, audience, key performance indicators and target outcomes for the targeted audience is the best and we can measure accurate decision from the initial stage and lingers until the execution stage. We keep better track and report on the return of investment in the analysis and measurement stage of the project. *Information Architecture *Prototyping *Site Mapping *Wire Frames *Analytics Set-up *Keyword Identification *Content Strategy *SEO Audits *Social Media Audits *Design, UX & UI *Digital Marketing Strategy.


PROJECT EXECUTION SERVICES is ‘Digitally Dynamic’ means our products and tactics are driven by total research and development with the clues in the discoveries implemented in our strategy and planning stage. Our goal is to create sales, leads or generate brand awareness for our client’s experience for the audience that easily navigates in business in reaching information that will satisfy clientele or a loyal fan of the business. *Website Design *Website Development *Responsive Design *e-commerce *Content Management System *CMS Training *Organic SEO *Mobile Applications *Social Media Management *Email Marketing *Trade Show Booths *Custom Template Design *Module Development *Search Engine Marketing *Logo Creation *Micro-site Development *Mobile Websites *CRM Integration *Content Creation *Copywriting.

ANALYSIS AND MEASUREMENT SERVICES maintains the tracking techniques for identification that whether the client is receiving traffic from the targeted audience or not and that too checks whether the audience is interacting as expected. *Event Tracking *Custom Analytics Reports *Google Analytics *Google Tag Manager *SEO Reporting *SEM Reporting *E-commerce Reporting *Goal Tracking *Site Indexing *Traffic Filtering.


Glance through the Multi-talented Team Team consists of highly motivated, experienced and energetic members who continuously and consistently create new personalized tools that allow for the customized solution for positioning the agency as ‘Digitally Dynamic’. These amazing and sometimes outstanding ideas take the form of custom code, mobile applications and specialized PHP modules. The Album of our Creations makes our pride. This also serves our satisfying Clientele to partnering more valuable benefits. Discover some of our creative energies so you feel more proud in us.

Presents an integrated Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan for 2019

As the Digital Passion is growing in an era you need to know the marketing fundamentals to grow your Business.

Development in plans and strategies for marketing is the most challenging. There is an incredible and increasing choice of interactive devices, platforms and channels that potential customers use from Mobile phones, tablets to social networks and search engines. Investment in traditional channels such as TV, Print and Radio is deteriorating but they remain an essential part of integrated campaigns for many businesses.

Digital Marketing Strategy & planning trends

Digital strategy development is the ongoing process for the popularity of Digital Transformation. In digital marketing strategy, there is continued interest in the development of integrated digital marketing strategies across various and multiple channels. Digital transformation is the challenge of digital silos in some companies where they are puzzled to integrate the system of DIGITAL within the company.

In the beginning of 2019, Omni-channel Marketing has a bunch of many marketing techniques across paid, owned and earned media across the customer lifecycle.

Digital Marketing Strategy

From digital marketing to Multichannel to Omni-channel marketing

For a broader trend in marketing the wider use of ‘Omni-channel Communications’ centred around the customer to describe marketing strategies outside the retail and travel sector, from where the Omni-channel term was originated.

As you wonder ‘why Omni-channel’, Omni, based on the Latin Omnis meaning ‘all, every, the whole, of every kind’ emphasizes the importance of seeking to reach and interact with customers across touch points in all channels. It shows a more forensic approach to reaching target audiences but should recognize that the budget needs to be prioritized for the most effective channels.

Multichannel is an operational view means how you allow the customer to complete transactions in each channel. Omni-channel is however viewed the experience through the visions of your customer, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent.

Omni-channel anticipates that as and when a customer starts in one channel and then switch to another channel.  Making these complex decisions between the channels must be tricky for the customer.  Simply believe that Omni-channel is multi-channel done right!”

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

The drive in the growth of a business depends on marketing and brand development strategies. Just make the sound marketing strategy and branding before working on the digital tactics. Otherwise, it’s likely that your hard work on the digital tactics will be wasted if they are targeted at the wrong audience and your value proposition isn’t strong enough is also not strong.

The basic trend here is that the way digital technologies and media are changing and at the same time offer opportunities for digital disruption.   Digital marketing is not always used as a disruptor. Digital marketing is more often used for market penetration than a new product or market development.

Creating mobile responsive website designs for the dominant use is now old news. Future innovations in digital experience in the areas of speed and personalization and Conversational User interface Conversational Use Interfaces based on improved insight.

Google has long proclaimed the importance of download speed and despite the widespread use of RWD, performance Google’s benchmarks show that many businesses are not progressing as expected to run.

Search marketing trends

Since Google dominates the results that business gets from search engine marketing our summary of the search trends here focuses on Google.

For organic search, the update to keep an eye on during 2019 is Google Speed Update which penalizes slower sites and was released after months of trials. While this will initially only affect the slowest sites, from past experience, we can expect Google will change the weighting on the algorithm to affect more sites that don’t improve their speed within time.

Another ongoing organic change to track in 2019 is the evolution of Google’s search snippets. The importance of the features integrated into the organic SERPS of which related questions are currently at an all-time high with images and featured snippets remaining important. The prominence of these features show the importance of understanding and answering the questions your audience ask as a more conversational search develops via Mobile and voice-activated smart speakers.

Social media trends

Social media trends

Government-commissioned annual communications market review is one of the best sources for compiling data on the Internet and Social Media usage.

The changes in three of the main consumer network:

  • Facebook – Static or declining in most age groups except the older (55+ age group) which is now the biggest group of users
  • Instagram – Increase in usage across all age groups with the largest, the 25 to 34 age group followed by 18 to 24
  • Snapchat – The largest increase and biggest user group is again the 25 to 34 age group showing that Snapchat isn’t just for teens. Indeed, there are also increases in users in older age groups which are not far behind the younger age groups in adoption levels. However, the frequency of use isn’t considered in this compilation.

As expected Instagram Advertising spending is continuing in the increased line with increased usage and better advertising options on the platform. While in Facebook Ad Spend grew 40% in Quarter 2 in the year 2018 while Instagram jumped enormously to 177% during the same time period.

Projection shows within Facebook, increased use of Messenger is an opportunity. The latest statistics from Facebook show the importance of Messenger is with 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month; 8 billion messages exchanged between people and businesses every month and 78% of people with Mobile phones using messaging every month. As well as targeted sponsored ads, use of Messenger for conversations is a major trend.

Search marketing trends

All about B2B social media

For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is likely to grow in importance. The growing impact of the platform with LinkedIn revenue is increasing 37% (up 34% in constant currency) with LinkedIn sessions growth of 41% and users of 562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Although Twitter’s future is often painted negatively, it will still be significant for engaging across relevant B2B and B2C audiences. In the last Quarter of the year, 2018 reports show daily active user growth of 11% and a revenue increase of 24%.

Email marketing & Market automation

The new innovation in email marketing techniques is the most challenging. Most email marketing techniques are well established and most recent trends related to improving relevance and interactivity on Mobile phones. This recent the state of the art, in terms of techniques which is all about integrating email with Content Marketing at the right time in customer journey across Omni-channel touch points.

Email marketing

Analytics and reporting

We’ve been banging the ‘Actionable Analytics’ drum for nearly 10 years now since we believe in the power of data-driven marketing based on digital analytics and customer research.

Systems such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are relatively static in terms of reports and functionality. The main trend here is using softer measures to get customer feedback. Savvy brands are using customer communities to feedback. 

Content marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning in 2019, Content marketing also blended with technology.  The key trend of content marketing is:

  • A more strategic approach to content marketing with many businesses now having a holistic content marketing strategy to support audience engagement and commercial goals of leads and sales
  • Focus on content quality based on deeper understanding of personas
  • New roles and structure to support content marketing activities as investment increases
  • Improved measurement of content marketing effectiveness

Paid & Earned Media

To wand up the picture of digital channels, one point to review in Advertising & PR. Although digital media is very important to demand generation and branding, discerning trends on cross-industry data is difficult in the sector where there is reporting lag.

The big winners are native advertising and video advertising which is expected to continue of immense importance in the year 2019 after video advertising overtook display for the first time.

Paid & Earned Media

Digital transformation in Digital dynamics

Follow the Digital dynamics and manage in implementing the digital marketing transformation initiatives.

How will Digital dynamics help me and my business?

Digital transformation is inevitable since there are many different potential marketing activities across different paid, owned and earned Media touch points which can be implemented through digital transformation. The changes to improve internal processes, team structures and skills, technology, data management, insight and reporting will all also be required.

Digital dynamics will provide you and your business with a comprehensive structure to follow which will help plan and prioritize transformation activities across different marketing communications in a planned framework.

For the maximum impact, revised Omni-channel communications need to be integrated across Web, Mobile, Email and traditional platforms, plus in-store/phone-based communications, if relevant. Potential opportunities from updating revenue and business model may also need to be considered.

Digital transformation

Why is Digital dynamics important?

Digital dynamics in digital transformation creates or rolls out the development of marketing communications are essential by digital transformation. These include:

  • Senior marketing managers such as CMO, VP or Head of Marketing and Marketing Director > Managers accountable for digital marketing results for business including Digital Director and Digital Marketing Manager

     > Managers responsible for technical platform delivery who need to learn about        digital marketing activities and insight sources they must support including Head of IT and E-commerce Manager

5 parts of Digital dynamics will help in the planning framework:

  • Plan – Define your digital communications strategy and digital brand
  • Reach – Build online awareness for your brand(s) by tapping into search intent for your products and using advertising and PR to generate
  • Act – Encourage digital interactions with online prospects and customers via improving customer journeys and sign-posting relevant lead-generation
  • Convert – Increase conversion rates through a multichannel approach to turn subscribers into customers through online and offline conversion
  • Engage – Improve customer loyalty and advocacy using digital customer communications including email marketing, marketing automation and social

How do this Digital dynamics support transformation?

Integrated digital communication activities should be reviewed and optimized for increasing the digital contributions for leads and sales in business. It links to more detailed templates to help for review and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of activities.

Digital Marketing Planning for 2019

In 2019, set-up predictive lead scoring, deploy complex trigger-based campaigns and invest in greater depths of dynamic content to serve customers at every phase of the user journey.
If all comes down to is personalization rather than rely on a marketer’s manual effort to create different experiences for groupings of people, machine-learning algorithms providing a scalable way for marketers to create unique experiences for individuals.

With machine learning, instead of giving the computer lots of rules to follow, we’re programming it to learn everything it can about a person and select the experience most likely to appeal to that person. And for machine-learning personalization to be most effective, marketers should be able to build their own “recipes” that tell the computer what types of information to consider when determining someone’s digital experience.

A customizable recipe begins with the selection of one or more pre-programmed base algorithms. These algorithms can be simple such as displaying items that are trending or recently published or they can be more advanced like collaborative filtering or decision trees.
Coupled with chatbots, machine learning can do this. Imagine the possibilities!

The video is still going to be at the top of the tree

The video is still going to be at the top of the treeThe video is still winning the race of most successful medium of marketing in 2019 and this is set to continue into 2019. This makes sense because the average attention span of consumers is short and most people would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

Live video has been a large factor in marketing because it directly connects engaged consumers to products and services. If you want to catch consumer attention then you will most likely find them on social media. Platforms like Facebook Live have given marketers the opportunity to be in the face of their target market.

Next year, live video feeds will continue to explode, but the important aspect going forward will be originality. Interactive video and imaginative video marketing that encourages user engagement will quickly outpace video for the sake of moving pictures. Consumers become bored quickly — brands that use video to engage and excite users will win.

The importance of video cannot be understated according to Hubspot. Simply adding a video to an email boosts click-through rate by a staggering 200–300 percent, and putting one on a landing page increases conversion rate by 80 percent.So make sure you don’t fall behind in video arena. In almost every area of marketing, it outperforms other mediums. Look at your businesses activity,  work out the best way to get video marketing incorporated into stringent strategy.

Managing digital transformation

 The success factors for implementing digital transformation

How will this guide help me and my business?

Many businesses have already implemented or planning digital transformation programme to take advantages of the opportunities of Digital Media and Use the technology of Digital dynamics to increase sales.

Only 8% have had a digital transformation plan in place for longer than two years and 21% have just started. One-third of businesses are preparing to start their digital transformation program.

This practical guide was created to support our business members throughout the digital transformation process. It’s clearly structured in seven sections to step you through the process of initiating and running a digital transformation programme.

Managing digital transformation guide is structured

The guide is structured that helps you through the process of reviewing current approaches in making the case for change and investment and then managing this change. The 7 recommended steps for digital transformation are:

1. Proving the need and making the case for transformation

2. Benchmark current digital marketing capabilities

3. Define the best structure of digital marketing activities and process

4. Define resourcing requirements

5. Change processes to support digital integration

6. Manage change for digital transformation

7. Optimizing performance across integrated channels


Prepare for the next step by developing the hard and soft skills necessary to transition to your next role.


Step back from daily responsibilities, re-evaluate your goals and develop personally and professionally.


Build the self-confidence and decision making skills necessary to thrive in fast-changing industries.


Learn to think differently in order to constantly reinvent and change the game in your industry.

Control & utilize the power of social media using a planned & creative approach

Use resources to get more from your social media activities and manage the risks.

Social media has become incredibly popular with consumers. For business, social media marketing offers a great opportunity to use fans as Ambassadors who share your content and recommend our business at a low cost. The perfect sense that many companies are using social media regularly by posting updates to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Few have a Social media Strategy which helps them use social media to support their business goals. Experiences are that social media works best when you have a more structured approach that is too of an integrated Digital Communications Strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media changes fast and you need to know the techniques which work best on each social network. Use the guides and templates to act as your virtual consultant who will:

• Audit your social media marketing to identify improvements

• Structure a plan to take control of the opportunities and threats of social

• Give tips on the latest best practices on all of the ‘BIG 6’ social networks.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The 5 P’s of Social Media Marketing

The essentials within your social media marketing strategy are that how can you know that you’re starting from the right foundation with your planning? One way to ensure you’re on the right track is by applying the ‘5 P’s’ methodology, which can help to outline the essential strategic elements.

The ‘5 P’s’ is usually used in reference to content marketing, but it is applicable to social media marketing also (and the two go hand in hand more often than not). The ‘5 P’s’ of content and social media marketing are a basic starting point for any new social media strategy.

When looking to ensure 2019 is on track, this can be a great starting point –

 1. Plan

Planning and organizing are the building blocks to success. Start with your objectives, and work from there – think about the best ways to maximize your return, the creative that you’ll need to create your campaigns, and any tools or technology you will need for your social media accounts.This is also a good time to consider your goals and/or benchmarks, and how you’ll measure the success of your social media presence or a content specific campaign.


2. Produce

Next, it’s time to get your hands dirty – or to hire a content creator. Think not only about your main content piece/s, but also about any images or videos you want to create to promote your material. You can produce content and messaging and have it all ready to go for the next step which is…

3. Publish

Now that you have a campaign plan (or social media schedule) ready, and have created content, you have to have somewhere for this content to live. Choose where you’ll host your content based on your objectives.Are you trying to increase web traffic? You can publish your content to a blog. If you want to grow you email list, you may want to gate the content on a landing page on your website. If you want more reach on your social channels then solely publish it there (Think IGTV, Twitter Moments etc.)

4. Promote

Promoting is how you give your content legs. And while you no doubt correlate “promote” with “money”, this isn’t necessarily true – posting on social media organically is promoting your content.Other strategies for promoting your content can vary from sending an email to your subscribers, to including it in your email signature. Of course, if you want to give your content an extra push, putting aside a budget for social media ads is always helpful.


5. Prove

The last step is to prove whether or not what you did worked. Here’s where those benchmarks and goals come in handy – keep track of your analytics, #hashtags, clicks, downloads, or any other key performance indicators you may have identified. Finally, quantify all that information and put together a report of how your content did to prove a success.


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