Business without social media and digital marketing is like a fish without water.
Social media has revolutionized the world. It has entirely changed how people communicate and connect. How brands conduct business. How people interact. What once occurred via word of mouth now occurs instantaneously through social media platforms such as Twitter Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. It has become the tool for effective business marketing and sales.

Content is fire; social media is gasoline.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is basically a process of creating the awareness of a product, service or event through the various social media outlets and communities. SMO increases the brand awareness and produces viral publicity. Not only the social media sites, social media optimization (SMO) also includes the use of RSS feeds, social news sites, video sites, bookmarking sites, article and blogging sites. Aim of SEO and SMO is one and that is to drive more and more traffic to company’s website.

Basic rules to be taken care of:
1. Create shareable content: the fundamental of marketing in social media is the content should be proper and appropriate that you audience prefers to share in different social platform.
2. Make sharing easy: it includes the navigation and uses if buttons and other website or WebPages, encourage sharing, recommending or bookmarking within your site and blog. SMO analyses the best placements, formats and messages to do this.
3. Reward engagement. It’s commonplace now to reward “Liking” or “Tweeting” through a promotional or content offer, so this can look at the best offers to do this. Engagement can be done if we offer a proper and a useful content which also look attractive.
4. Proactively share content: this exactly means sharing your content to other platforms to encourage more viewers. This may include broadcasting articles, blog, and advertisement, content to platforms like Slide share or Scribed and other sites.
5. Encourage the links or sharing: sharing activities and promotions, ranking signal and through encouraging backlinks, Preferences of different audiences using different social media platforms to share different type of content and offers.
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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories we tell.

Author : Sakshi Jain